Diabetes treatment options

You want to get some information on diabetes mellitus (or just 'diabetes'). This page supplies you with knowledge of diabetes treatment options. There are two kinds of diabetes, type 1 and type 2. They are actually quite different diseases. Type 1 diabetes usually starts at a young age. Type 2 diabetes occurs usually in people older than forty years; however, it can also occur in young people. Diabetes patients have a higher risk of cardiovascular diseases. Other than that, diabetes patients can get eye, kidney and skin problems. For these reasons, it is very important for a patient to get an examination regularly.

Treatment options for diabetes

The treatment depends on the type of diabetes. Type 1 diabetes patients depend with their life on insulin injections, type 2 diabetes patients may suffice with diet changes, more physical exercise and/or medication. Insulin treatment may be required for type 2 diabetes patients as well. Various kinds of drugs to treat diabetes exist. In the same way, various ways to administrate insulin exist, such as using a syringe or a pump. Type 2 diabetes brings a heightened risk of cardiovascular diseases. To lower this risk, drugs can be prescribed to lower blood pressure or cholesterol level. Type 2 diabetes can be positively affected by eating healthy food, losing weight in case of obesity, exercising, and quitting smoking. To accomplish this you can ask support from your general practitioner, internist, endocrinologist, or diabetes nurse.

Diabetes decision aids

Diabetes is very common. There are guidelines for the treatment, but there is usually room to fit in your own preferences. To decide which of the diabetes treatment options suits you best, you can use the decision aids at the bottom of this page. They can tell you more about the different treatment options and can support you in determining your own opinion, by helping you answer the following questions: What are the possible treatment methods for diabetes mellitus? What can I do myself? What drugs are most effective in my specific case? What can I do to lower the risk of heart diseases? My doctor says I have to go on a healthy diet, lose weight, exercise more regularly, quit smoking and drink less alcohol - where should I start? Should I get an insulin pump? Is it safe to get pregnant while having diabetes?

Deciding together

You can discuss the diabetes treatment options you find in the decision aids with your doctor. Together, you can come to a well-considered decision.


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