Kidney failure treatment options

Questions about kidney failure

You want to know more about kidney failure. The decision aids collected on the bottom of the page can help you find an answer to the following questions: What is chronic kidney disease? What treatment option is best for me? What will happen if I don't get treated? Is dialysis or kidney transplantation possible in my situation?

Treatment options for kidney disease

There's a handful of treatments for kidney disease. If your disease is not progressive, conservative treatment is the most common choice. In this treatment, medication is combined with lifestyle changes. If your disease does get worse, you need kidney replacement therapy. This gives you the option of either kidney transplantation, or dialysis. However, conservative care may also be an option.The decision aids outline the different types of kidney dialysis.

Deciding together

Ultimately, the choice of treatment is up to you and should be guided by your personal preferences, the status of the disease and the expert opinion of your physician. You can take the decision aids below to your doctor, name your preferences and decide on a treatment together.

Kidney failure: decision between conservative care or dialysis EN

Kidney failure: decision between dialysis, transplantation or another treatment option NL

Kidney failure: decision between treatment options EN

Kidney failure: decision between dialysis options SP

Kidney failure: decision between dialysis options IT