Cancer, thyroid cancer

Questions surrounding thyroid cancer

You want information about thyroid cancer. You may have several questions. Can I be cured of thyroid cancer? What treatment options are available? Which treatment may apply to me? What do these treatments mean for me and my loved ones? What are the side effects of these treatments?

Possible treatments 

There are many options to combat thyroid cancer. You can consider, among other things, surgical removal of half or the whole thyroid gland, or radiation therapy (radiotherapy), or chemotherapy.

In what stage is my disease

Not every treatment is suitable or applicable for every patient. This partly depends on the diagnosis, such as the size of the tumor and whether the cancer is more advanced or has spread in our body. You will hear this from your doctor.

It is your choice

There are guidelines for the treatment of thyroid cancer. But even within the guidelines there is often room for your own preferences and considerations. Each treatment has its own advantages and disadvantages. And the consideration is different for every patient. One person will dread a certain side effect more than another. Your choice therefore also depends on your personal attitude and feelings.

Decide together

A decision aid supports you in choosing a treatment. It provides clarity about the different options. A decision aid can never replace a conversation with a doctor. You can discuss the decision aid with your doctor at your next appointment so that you can make a decision together. You can also use a decision aid to talk it over with friends, family or acquaintances.

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