Depression treatment options

You want to get information on depression and its treatment options. Depression is intense somberness that lasts longer than two weeks. Worldwide, almost one in five people will ever get at least one depression.

Treatment options for depression

There are many ways to deal with a depression. It can be the right choice to wait at first. If you want to actively treat the depression, you can use drugs (antidepressants) and/or therapy from a psychologist or psychiatrist. There are different kinds of drugs against depression, they work in various ways and can cause varying adverse effects. Another option is psychological therapy. This therapy can be time-consuming and requires motivation and energy. Examples of psychological therapies are cognitive behavioral therapy, support to learn to deal with stress and group courses. It is also possible to combine psychotherapy with medication.

Which treatment fits you?

Which treatment option works best for you, depends on your personal situation and wishes. To help you choose the treatment that suits you best, we have listed a number of decision aids down this page. They can help you find an answer to the following questions: Do I want to get my depression treated? Would a short therapy or course be sufficient to get rid of my depression? What will work best: psychotherapy, medication, or a combination? Which drug is appropriate in my specific case? What are the adverse effects of the different antidepressants? My child is depressed, will he/she need to take medication? I finally got rid of my depressive feelings, can I stop using antidepressants? Can I take antidepressants while I am pregnant?

Depression decision aids

Decision aids below will supply you with information on the different depression treatment options. They will clarify the up- and downsides of the treatment methods. Furthermore, they support you in choosing what you think fits you best, according to your personal preferences.

Deciding together

You can discuss the treatment methods you find in the decision aids with your doctor, psychologist and/or psychiatrist. Together you can come to a well-considered decision on the best treatment.

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